We were rolling on the floor laughing after watching this video!
Let us describe this familiar situation to you! We say familiar because we’ve all been there, and if you say that you haven’t then you just don’t want to admit it. The situation is as follows.
You’ve been delaying doing that thing for ages because it is a lot of work. You finally muster the strength and patience to defeat your laziness and decide to bite that bullet!
Finally, you get around to starting the actual work, and it takes you ages to finish! You know that everything has to be right because you’ve spent ages thinking about it, and you know you’ve worked hard in order to do it well. After finishing the job you stand back to marvel at your creation! You feel a rush of pride through your veins! “Hey, I made that!” You start nodding smugly with your head… and then a realization!
You’ve screwed it up! And not only have you screwed it up, you’ve screwed it so badly that you have to do it all over again!
Does it sound familiar now?? Well, this guy understands you!


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