Cat’s are amazingly cute and adorable pets who have a whole lot of personality and character. Cat videos are the top winners as far as internet videos go, and for good reason. They never seem to disappoint!
Here is an absolute classic when it comes to the epic cat video. This was originally uploaded way back in 2008 and it continues to get new views to this day! This indeed makes it one of the best cat videos ever on the internet.
Here we have two kitties, Goo and Yat Jai. They are playing a game of patty cake! Facing one another on the computer desk, they touch paws back and forth and the owner says it’s their favorite thing to do together. But only when no one is looking! If the owner is looking, they actually stop the game right away. When the owner appears to be gone, or not paying attention to them, they then resume!
Now we have a video by another YouTuber from 2010 who decided to take the original and spruce it up a bit by giving us English translations of what the cats were actually saying to one another!
The result is the perfect animal voice-over of perhaps all time! Watch as this new version of patty-cake, or “catty-cake” as it’s now called, will finally give you insight on what was going on between these two felines!
Enjoy this wonderful cat video and be sure to share this gem with all of your friends and family!


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