An orphaned pony may not have the love of his mother, but he does have a surrogate; a giant, plush teddy bear to cuddle up with at night. Breeze came to the Center at just a week old after being found wandering the countryside, his mother nowhere to be found. At the time of his discovery he was trying to suckle from other mares, without success, and so was denied the antibody containing colostrum essential to newborn foals. Initially dehydrated and in shock, he was not doing well. However, staff at the Center provide round the clock care and one giant teddy bear for Breeze to cuddle up with during sleep. Despite the many obstacles, Breeze appears happier at just a week old, bouncing playfully around his stall at the Center. Hopefully with time, tender loving care, and his special teddy bear friend, this little orphaned pony can make a full recovery and grow into a happy, healthy horse.

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