There are some videos that just have that little something that tends to cause a lot of hype in the media. This video, which has been viewed by almost 1 million people, falls into this ‘special category.’ It showcases an unexpected act that appeared at America’s Got Talent.
In this video, you will witness a man named Christopher, who always wanted to be a singer, be a part of a group, but it never happened for him. He is now 54 years of age and wanted to try his luck at America’s Got Talent.
He came indress like a Native American, and as soon as he is told that he could perform his act, he walks out of the stage and comes back with something that nobody expected. What he does is one-of-a-kind, which is why Simon Cowell tells him thathis actwas fantastic.
This man gets a standing ovation by several judges. Go ahead and watch it so you can see exactly what his act is all about.

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