If ever anyone told you that cats have no feelings, just know that they lied. You see, a cat can actually feel emotions. A feline can have favorites too. You need some proof? You’ll get it right here!
So here’s this cat living in an animal shelter. Now, this cat happens to have picked on one god human that he thinks is the best guy in there. He’s the favorite human who showers him with lots of love and care. That must count for something. Every time the guy walks in, the cat will always react!
In the video, you get to watch one of those moment s when the guy walks in and the cat happens to have noticed his presence. In fact, cats can smell their favorites from a far. His reaction is just priceless. This is pure love, I say!
Watch the full clip here and drop us a comment. Would you adopt a pet if it did this to you? I would! Be sure to SHARE this nice clip on Facebook too!


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