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Chloe Levenson-Cupp and Fireman “Buddy” the Chihuahua are best friends. They are also both burn victims. Levenson-Cupp was a burn victim when she was one year and three months old so she doesn’t remember the exact details, and her scars are not necessarily physically present, but she understands what she’s been through. Fireman was burned chemically and deeply in pain when he was first found. They needed each other more than they knew at the time.
The two of them were paired together through Umbrella of Hope Rescue, who knew that Fireman needed a home with someone who understood the pain and trauma of the situation.

Source: Hooplaha

Kristy Keusch, Fireman’s original foster mom, notes to Hooplaha-
“Chloe and Fireman were both burn victims, so they connected on that level. She wouldn’t have gotten that with another animal and he wouldn’t have gotten that with another person….I think everyone wants to connect with animals on a different level.”
The two quickly became inseparable. There were actually thousands of applications sent to adopt Fireman, but it became obvious that Levenson-Cupp was who he should go with!
Fireman has found a new home and family that will take care of him and understand his needs more than ever! We’re glad to see that the two have bonded, and that all dogs are given a home that supports their needs!

Source: Youtube

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