Auschwitz is the site of the largest Nazi death camp under Hitler’s regime. Created during World War II, this camp held more than a million people against their will. Most of those imprisoned were Jewish, and they passed away within the confines of the prison. At the time, many called Auschwitz the most deadly place on Earth…
In 1945, the camp and it’s prisoners were liberated by the Soviet troops. Fast forward 70 years, and BBC takes you on a tour through the camp. Using a drone, BBC captures aerial footage of the camp, giving you an in-depth tour that is unlike anything you could have imagined.
At the start of the video, you see a set of train tracks that millions of victims traveled on to reach the camp. Then, the video progresses to the ruins of the wooden huts of Birkenau, which housed many these imprisoned victims. The video then shows you a sign that reads Arbeit Macht Frei, which translates to “Work sets you free.” Haunting, right?
While the camp has been declared a World Heritage Site and is open to visitors, you can’t help but shake the feeling that the place is incredibly haunted and spooky.
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