How many times have you said the following sentence to you dog, “If only you could talk?” Right? Because so often  when you look into their eyes you can see they want to tell you something.
Even though they can’t express themselves verbally, sometimes it is so clear what they want to tell you! Whether it is by the way they look, or by the expression on their face, or the way they move and bark, so often you just know exactly what they are trying to say. You can easily tell when they want you to give them something, or when they apologize for doing something bad. They can’t use the words, but they can talk!
Just look at this wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback called Lea literally talking to a baby. And talking in a language that this baby can easily understand. When the little rascal tries to climb into Lea’s bed you’d think that the pooch wouldn’t like that! But, as Del Boy would say, au contraire!! The pup just takes her blanket from the bed, and lies down on it. What happened next is so adorable, you just have to see it to believe it!


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