As a couple, Tammy and Eric were looking forward to having a baby. Everything did not go smoothly as expected since doctors found out that Tammy had lupus. With the disease, there were high chances of a miscarriage taking place.
Despite that, she remained optimistic after becoming pregnant.  Since at 19 weeks of pregnancy doctors noted that her baby girl wasn’t growing at the expected rate, Tammy was advised to deliver the baby. There was no guarantee that the baby was going to survive and Tammy was told to wait until 27 weeks, so that the baby could have a 5% chance of surviving.
Tammy was prepared by doctors to expect the worst. In fact, she was ready to sign both the birth and death certificate at the same time. But then a miracle happened… Little Zoe, who was born weighing only 10 ounces started becoming bigger and bigger. You can’t imagine she is the same baby when you meet her after 12 years.
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