WARNING: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.
She lives near Sydney, Australia, and is the mother to three children. Cassie Hodges and her partner Mark were making soup one evening, and since they were eating late they chose to use the Casera-brand pressure cooker so they could eat as quickly as possible.
On the settings menu is a soup option which Mark selected. It would be around 25 minutes later when Cassie would come into the kitchen with her 12-week-old boy in her arms. It was then that she informed Mark that the soup appeared to be all ready. She took her son to the lounge area and told her daughters that it was time to eat.
Cassie brought the soup bowls to the table, while Mark hit the pressure release button on the cooker, and the steam began to escape as is normal. But something else occurred that was not normal. A loud click could be heard. Suddenly the top of the pressure cook blew right off and hit Cassie. The scalding hot soup also impacted Cassie and she quickly became covered in the painful liquid.
Mark was also hit with the hot liquids as it got on both his arm and his stomach area. But Cassie was far worse. She tore her clothes off and ran to the shower to get cold water on her.
Emergency services were called and Cassie was rushed to the hospital. She had extreme burns on her arms, chest and abdomen area.
Cassie would end up posting her experience on Facebook as a way to warn others of the extreme dangers that can occur when using a pressure cooker. Here’s what she said:
“I was told I had to have all my dead burnt skin removed by scraping with a rough towel and biobrane (a pig skin/fat tissue) applied immediately, with just endone and panadol I went ahead, I have never felt such pain in my life. They then bandaged me up and now day 4 I’m laying in bed knowing It will be yet another painful night.”
While Mark doesn’t have as many burns as Cassie, he wasn’t able to get under the cold water as she had, and so the burns that he does have are very deep and extremely painful.
Cassie’s friends had to come together and help out with caring for the children since her and Mark were in such bad shape.
The big plus to this whole story, is that the baby was taken out of the room before this incident occurred. Things could clearly have been far, far worse had the baby still been in that room, and in Cassie’s arms. For that, she is extremely grateful.
Cassie warns about the dangers of this brand of pressure cooker:
“I want the one I used recalled and I want people to be aware of the dangers, we did nothing wrong the machine unlocked prematurely, it should stay locked and unable to be opened until the pressure is all gone. Please share this far and wide and throw your cookers out, or better yet, demand a refund… I want to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again.”
Thankfully many people have shared Cassie’s post and future incidents like this will be prevented because of it. Be sure to share with your own friends and family so they too can avoid this type of cooking danger.


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