The store was about to close for the day and the homeless man refused to leave.
While we cry and breakdown at every petty problem we encounter in life, remember that there are people who are having it worse than you do. Take the hundreds of homeless people who fill streets for example: while we throw away food, they practically scavenge for the scraps most of us throw away in order to survive.
Police Officer Jose Flores saw first-hand how a homeless man struggles to survive, after he responded to a call in El Paso, Texas. A store owner complained about a homeless man who refuse to leave the store, which was about to close for the day.
The dispatcher told Flores that the old man didn’t want to leave as he wanted to stay in a dry and warm place for the night.
As soon as Flores arrived at the scene, he immediately noticed that the man didn’t have any shoes. Seeing how the old man was missing some parts of his clothing, police officer Flores promptly entered the store and started buying things off the shelves with his own money.
He bought the homeless man a new pair of boots, gloves, and socks to keep him warm. Flores then helped the homeless man put on the new clothes and shoes. A passerby managed to snap a photo of the heartwarming gesture and shared it on social media. Since then, the police officer has garnered a lot of praise from netizens.
We definitely need more people like Jose Flores!


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