Would you live in a cave?
Angelo Masterpietro, the modern caveman, would be the likely star of a History Channel.  Sadly, Angelo is in the hospitality business.
Angelo discovered an abandoned cave in the English forest, and an idea struck him. His name, Masterpietro, means master of stones. Staying true to his name, he turned the 700-year old cave into a rustic treat.
The 38-year old refurbished the site in 2015. During this period, Angelo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that left him partly paralyzed. The diagnosis motivated him to refurbish the ancient cave.
Set on 3 acres of the woodland on Honey Brooks’ bank, Angelo did a magnificent work. It does not feel like one is living in a cave; it has Wi-Fi too. Additionally, there are stylish features such as floor heating, and it allows natural light.
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