Welcome to the first ever Dog vs Baby Scream Off! It is one serious competition this, between two masters of screaming! But who will emerge the victor? Who will become the champion?!
In the left corner, weighing slightly above two pounds, Puppy “The Screamer” Dogson!! In the right corner, weighing 4 pounds, Baby “The Whiner” Toddlerson! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEE!!
First round! The Baby takes an early lead with a short melodic scream. But the Puppy immediately recovers!
Round two! Another good start by the baby as it delivers a devastating scream! The Puppy doesn’t look shaken however, it starts with a light scream but then… Oh, my god! What a scream! It’s a knockout ladies and gentlemen! We’ve never seen anything like this before!! Nobody saw this coming! The baby was the clear favorite, and it started well, but the Puppy just exploded! What a match!
And now! The winner by knockout in the second round… PUPPY “The Screamer” DOGSON!


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