For any parent, a child born too early can be a terrifying experience. Even with the incredible progress in medical technology, it is still scary for the mom and dad, who will feel completely helpless to assist their small babies in their earlier days in this world.
Laurie was justifiably troubled for the fate of her child, Freya, who was given birth to, quite a few weeks premature. However, barely five days after she came to earth, her sweet angel did something to let everybody be aware that she was not going anywhere: she grinned.
Several individuals say that little Freya smiled because she was excited to be breathing, while others believe she could feel her parents’ anxiety and wanted to inform them that she was out of harm’s way. It doesn’t matter what you might think, but there is one thing we can all admit: She has a glittery smile, even with no teeth!
Numerous parents from across the world were sharing the stories of their untimely kids, just a few hours after Laurie posted the cute picture of her angel. It is not just great to see several healthy and blissful kids, but these cute little infants are motivating parents who are at present dealing with their preemie children — giving them anticipation and ground to smile during their difficult times!
Talking to Love What Matters, Lauren Vinje said the picture of their daughter at five days old. 3 lbs. 14 oz, was the one she looked at many times to make her feel better during the NICU days. She also states that their child was glad to be alive.
Kindly remember all premature babies across the world and share your thoughts regarding them as well. Please watch this cute video that gives more about the baby with the smile and who motivates several parents.
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