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I have always respected people who work at animal shelters. You have to be made of something special to give your time to animals in need. I have often thought I may volunteer at a shelter, but I am not sure I could. I would want to bring all the animals home with me! But these two people are not the type of people to admire.
They were shelter workers – that have been accused of having sex with a dog. The woman, Celina Ann Cabrera, 24, from Shreveport, Louisiana has been charged with bestiality. The man, Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr., 41, was also implicated – he reportedly recorded the incident. Reports indicate that the dog involved was Thomas’ dog.
Take a look at these monsters
shelter workers
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How does that conversation even start? The shelter, Caddo Parish Animal Shelter, has not released word about the condition or whereabouts of the dog.
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