We spend hours upon hours staring at our computer screens – and doing so undoubtedly has negative effects on our precious eyesight! But now there’s any easy way to challenge your eyes, and your mind, by trying this test!
The creators of this interesting eye test devised several versions to challenge different parts of your vision, as well as the way your brain relays messages to your eyes. You’re asked to search for a letter or number embedded in the text that looks strikingly similar to the main number or letter used! This makes it nearly impossible to spot the difference by simply glancing!
There are certain techniques that you can employ to pass these tests with flying colors! First, you can try scanning your eyes across the rows to notice any changes, or you can look at the end of each row to see if anything doesn’t line up! If those don’t work for you, try your own way and let others know how you passed in the Facebook comments section. We could all use a little visual boost!


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