Wild animals should never be caged! There is no justification for putting them there. Many modern zoos are doing everything in their power to ensure conditions as close to those in the wilderness as possible. But there is still something that feels wrong about animals being put for exhibition.
The only justification for the existence of zoos is the fact that most of the animals being kept there have been bread in captivity so they wouldn’t survive in the wild. Now, zoos are one thing, they may not be completely morally justified, but at least in most cases they take good care of the animals. However, there are many private menageries that don’t have such conditions. There is a huge number of wild animals being illegally kept in captivity! That is both cruel and dangerous!
Fifi, the star of this video, was kept in a private roadside zoo for ten years and during that time she had been forced to perform confusing tricks! But then twenty years ago the zoo closed and she was moved to a dilapidated dog cage, to small for her. She spent her last twenty years in this tiny cage! Watch the video to see what being finally free meant to this wonderful animal!


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