Many people consider their spider and varicose veins to be a flaw in their appearance. But they are much more than that: if not treated properly, swelling, cramps and pain can result. Among the causes are smoking, pregnancy, being overweight, having an unhealthy diet, heredity, sitting with crossed legs for a long time and fluid retention (water balance disorders).
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But you don't always have to consult a doctor immediately if you are suffering from this problem. There are some simple home remedies which help to strengthen the veins. They make sure that the blood flows back to the heart and also help overcome circulatory problems.
1. Witch-hazel
This medicinal plant helps relieve inflammation and circulatory problems in the legs. Bleeding in existing varicose veins can be successfully stopped. Witch-hazel is rich in antioxidants, e.g. tannins, saponins and flavonoids.
Witch-hazel tea is a natural remedy and should be prepared in the following way: Boil 1 cup of water and add 1 tsp of witch-hazel leaves. Then let it steep for a while. Drink two cups of this tea each day and you'll soon feel an improvement in your symptoms. Alternatively, you can apply witch-hazel extract to your legs.
2. Rosemary
This medicinal plant contains vein-strengthening diosmin, which is a member of the flavonoid family. Rosemary tea is really effective in combating annoying varicose veins.
Add 1 tbsp of rosemary to a cup of boiling water and then let it steep. Drink three cups of this tea daily.
3. Horse chestnuts
Horse chestnuts are particularly popular for treating varicose veins because they have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and help with itchiness. The reason for this is that horse chestnuts contain aescin. This active ingredient strengthens the arterial walls.
Warm up 1 tbsp of horse chestnut shells and 1/2 cup of lavender oil on medium heat. Let the mixture steep a little and then apply it to your legs with gentle, circular hand movements.
4. Cypress
Cypress strengthens the veins and improves the blood flow towards the heart. It also acts as a hemostatic (i.e. arrests the flow of blood) and constricts blood vessels. It is therefore successful in treating venous infections. Cypress tea also helps with poor blood circulation.
Add 2 tbsp of cypress leaves to 4 cups of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Now remove the leaves and sip 7 tbsp of the solution daily. For an even greater effect, you can moisten a cloth with it and place it on your legs for a few minutes.
As you can see, you can bid farewell to those nasty spider and varicose veins with some highly effective herbal remedies. Of course, it's always best to complement such treatments with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Give it a try!


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