I think everyone has heard of at least one story, if not more (and I’m sure there are millions), of a heroic dog in action to save a human in need, or even a fellow canine. Those stories are the ones that really make the heart happy, give you those warm and fuzzy feelings, and just really make you love dogs  more, always.
With that said, here’s another story about a little pup in full action. Meet Amanda the canine, a new mommy to 10 puppies, who were caught in a house fire. Although it’s unfortunate that the family’s home went down in the fire, the bright side to the story is that everyone is safe, including the puppies—they may have had another fate though if it wasn’t for Amanda.

Firefighters rushed to a fire call at a home in  Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile. They got to work to ensure that the fire was extinguished at the earliest and that the family members were all safe. As the firefighters were at work, they saw something that really took them aback. The family dog, Amanda was making trips from the truck back into the house set ablaze; each time she would return, there would be a puppy in her mouth. She had made her own fire rescue plan to ensure that her babies were safe from the fire as well.

Once she had all her puppies out, she lay guard over them to make sure that nothing else can happen to harm them. Vets were called to the scene immediately, and although all the puppies were out of the blaze reach, one had to be treated with severe burns.

This story goes to show how beautiful a dog’s motherly instinct is. It has truly brought a smile on my face.
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